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Something to think about

The is a magazine called 2600. It is a hacker magazine before you get up in arms you need to get a copy. It comes out quarterly, in this issue there are a few real good articles that tell you how to better to protect you computer. There is an article titled The State Of Cyberspace and Cyberwar. The point of the article is that bots can take over your computer network making every computer do things remotely with out the users knowing a thing. The article also talks about the government using bot to do covert things to other countries or even spy on people in the U.S.A. This article does make a a lot of real good points about the use of bots both by black hat hackers and the government. What one does wonder how much does the government use these bots to spy on all of us. As everyone with a computer should know is that google stores everything you do in their search engine and from time to time turns all the information over to the government, thank you Bill Clinton. It should be noted that George Bush did nothing to stop this reporting of your privet life to the government. Then we had 911 and things went to hell and is not going to come back any time soon. Then you take in to account the verdict on the whole Microsoft court case. It makes you wonder what 11th hour deal was made with the U.S. Government and Microsoft made. Yes, I know you are shaking your head and saying the Microsoft was found guilty and paid some really heavy fines. You need to look at how much more the government could have done to Microsoft, and the amount of money that the Microsoft makes. So if you are running windows or even a mac you may be send good old Uncle Sam each and everything that you are doing online. For me that is not a big deal, looking over my google search information the government will find a bunch of porn as well as stuff that I random type in to mess with any one looking at it. Then again maybe it is not as bad as it sounds but all it takes is one bad leader to make Orwell come true.


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