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Hate Crimes Rhode Island

O.K. I have been watching CNN and they just ran a story about a Latino teen was killed in Rhode Island. He was killed by 7 other teens, 3 of which were white, 2 Latino, One ½ Black/Latino and one Black. Before I go further I need to state for the record that all seven of these teens need to be strapped down and given the needle. Yes I think that all seven of them should be executed for what they did. The not so great state of Rhode Island does not see it that way. The way they see it is that the 3 white teens committed a hate crime while the other 4 teens committed simple assault. Keeping in mind that all seven teens took turns stabbing, kicking and spitting on the teen they killed but only the white kids are going to be held to the hate crime law while the other 4 get a slap on the hand. In the words of the Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch “Minorities do not committee hate crimes.” as a justification for only charging the white teens under the hate crime laws. So in Rhode Island if you are not white you can kill people and nothing will happen to you, as long as you have a white boy to blame it on. The thing that eats me up on this whole thing is that if the 4 non-white teens get the max under the simple assault law they will not even come close to the minimum that the 3 white kids will get under the hate crimes law. If you are going after any of the kids you need to go after all seven of them with the same laws. It looks like to me that Patrick C. Lynch is using human life to make himself look good. In a side note to this story the family of the Latino teen that was killed is only taking the white kids to court under the civil laws of Rhode Island, stating that the other teens do not have the money to it worth taking to court. So that is what America has become.

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